At Life101, we help young people to feel confident, competent, independent and on track to thrive in adulthood. Our life skills programmes give young people the opportunity to learn and practice skills for real-life settings.

Our down to earth, approachable and friendly facilitators have worked with young people with complex needs, of varying educational achievement, and from diverse backgrounds. We take an assets-based approach and recognise everyone’s personal potential.


Life101 initially started as a school holiday programme in Takapuna, Auckland in 2013.

Since then with secondary schools, we have grown into full-time providers of life and financial skills programmes, working in more than 20 schools across the country.

Life101 also specialise in working with Services Academy schools throughout New Zealand, as well as multiple Alternate Education Centres.

Who We’ve Worked With

Life101 is grateful to have worked in the following schools throughout New Zealand: James Cook High School, Queen Elizabeth College, Glenfield College, Tikipunga High School, Turangi School, Takapuna Grammar School, Wairoa College and Naenae College.

As well as the following Alternate Education Centres in Auckland: Bays Youth Trust, Marist Alternate Education, Springboard Community Works and Transformation Academy.

“After learning what I’ve learnt on this programme I’m going to get a job, save my money for the more important things, never get into bad debt, open a Kiwsaver NOW and invest in something!”

“Thank you so much for the gift you have given us with this course. I’ve learnt things about money that I had absolutely no idea about. Kia kaha Life101.”

“I really enjoyed this programme. I learnt a lot and it’s changed my way of thinking and how I plan to live my life.”

“Very helpful life skills. I feel like if I use these skills I’ll go far in life and create a happier life.”

Skills for a world beyond school

We help students to build knowledge in work-readiness, money management, investing, and personal and social skills. Our 1-day, 4-day and 8-day workshop-based programmes can be tailored to the specific needs of your cohort.

By the time students finish our programmes they will have achieved several tangible outcomes, including:

  • Tailored C.V.s
  • Submitting job applications online
  • Setting up a Kiwisaver account
  • How to apply for an IRD number online
  • How to open a bank account
  • Personalised savings techniques
  • Personalised budgets
  • How to set up a flat – connecting utilities, insurance, paying bills
  • How to invest in the share market
  • How to start your own business
  • Knowledge of your personality type/psychometric testing
  • Better emotional intelligence and conscious communication skills
  • How to deal with difficult emotions, like anger, frustration, guilt
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Forgiving yourself
  • How to give back

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Work-Ready, World-Ready






We show you how much students have learned

We don’t just teach life skills; we measure their impact.

Students complete pre and post programme surveys to track their learning and measure their own progress. Our surveys are strengths-based and allow students to reflect on their own learning and achievements. Written, qualitative feedback is also collected.

We collate the data into easy-to-read reports for principals and teaching staff, which show the areas where students have learned and excelled the most, and by how much.


Hear the feedback first-hand

Cedric Fautua


Cedric talking about his experiences and what he learnt on the 101 and 202 Programmes.

Ratima Rolleston

Services Academy Director

Ratima from James Cook High School sharing what his Services Academy students took from the Life101 programmes.

Lewis Ioane


Lewis talking about his experiences and what he learnt on the 101 and 202 Programmes.

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